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Caps and pinsmay refer to the caps that women wore and the pins that held them to their hair
Slice and tongsthe slice is what today would be considered a spatula - it was used to turn foods in the frying pan and the tongs to pick it up
Knot disha dish to hold fancy ribbons, called knots
Milk traysused to put milk in and the cream would rise to the top to be separated - also called "set pans"
Bed ropepreceded the bed slats we know today and was used to support the mattress. The rope was strung across the bed frame and the mattress laid on top. The expression "sleep tight" came about because the bed ropes had to be tightened occasionally and it was considered a better night's sleep with the ropes taut.
Fletchets (or hetchels)a hetchel, or hackle (bed of nails) was a tool used to comb flax to break off the rough straw parts and to separate the fibers in order to spin it and make linen thread.
Dutch wheela type of spinning wheel to make yarn or thread
Stilhards (or stilhands)a stilyard, or steelyard, is a portable scale for weighing things
Pillowbeerspillow case
Trammela shackle for a horse or a device with links or openings at different heights for hanging a pothook in a fireplace
Porringera small shallow bowl, probably of pewter
Doulasa coarse linen cloth made in France

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