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What does all this code mean?

Paragraph: <p>These are Paragraph Tags</p>  You'll use them all of the time. Many html editors put them in automatically, but you may have to add some manually.

Breaks: <br> This tag is used when you do not wish to start another paragraph. It makes the text just break to the next line. For example:

This line is a paragraph line without using breaks. It continues on and on and on until you hit "enter" to move to the next line of text. There will be no spaces between this line and other lines.

This line uses breaks to separate text.
It continues to the next line, not on and on and on.
To get a line to "break" hit your shift-enter keys on your keyboard
When you do, you will go to the next line, but be in the same paragraph.

Bold Text: <b>bold text</b> or <strong>Bold Text</strong> are used for bold text

Links: <a href>your link</a> This is the anchor tag for links.

Italics: <em>Italics</em> This makes your text itallic

<hr> This is a horizontal rule or line that is styled into the web. You pick the colors, lengths, heights all in your css file. You can even use an image for your horizontal rule. The first line is a plain horizontal rule, the second, a fancy horizontal rule using an image:

Spans: <span> Your Text </span> This is a Span bracket. It "spans" the length of the text you create. When you create a span, you need a class to go with it in order to style the span. So a highlight span would look like this: A span bracket is cool to use.

Tables: There are 3 different parts to a table code

  1. <table></table> This is the beginning and ending of your table
  2. <tr></tr> Each table has rows. The tr is the Table Row. Add as many table rows as you wish.
  3. <td></td> Each row had data in it. These td, Table Data are the columns in your table row.

So a table consisting of 2 rows with 3 columns each would be coded like this:

<table> [opens the table]
      <tr>[begins row 1 of the table]
        <td>table data - column 1</td>
        <td>table data - column 2</td>
        <td>table data - column 3</td>     
    </tr>[ends row 1 of the table]
     <tr>[begins row 2 of the table]
       <td>table data - column 1</td>
        <td>table data - column 2</td>
        <td>table data - column 3</td>     
      </tr>[ends row 2 of the table]
</table>[closes the table]

See more styling and coding here: Smashing Magazine Cheat Sheet

Submitted by Marsha Bryant

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